Poetic Devices

Poets are artists with only one tool: words. But good poets use this tool in an almost infinite variety of ways to convey emotion, meaning, and connection. In all languages, poets use poetic devices to help to convey these things. A poetic device is the manipulation of words or sounds to express meaning or emotion. There are three catebogories of poetic devices:

Sound: The placement of words such that the pronunciation sound provides a certain effect.
Example: Alliteration--Fast and Furious

Meaning: The use of words such that their meaning, when used in relation to other words in the poem, express a particular intention.
Example: cliche--busy as a bee

Arrangement: The ordering of words in a particular way to express a discrete meaning.
Example: Ryhyme scheme: abba

(Citation: www.chaparralpoets.org/devices.pdf)

Poetic Devices in English

Table of Latin Poetic Devices




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