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In class
Homework due next class
Review analysis
Finish translating section
Start Film about Aeneas's journey

Finish lines 195--203
Review map
Due Wednesday February 11
Translation analysis paper
Lines 195-200
Verb review
Due Monday, February 9
Verb chart, lines 200-203 (you should find seven verbs here)
Lines 195-197
Start 197-199

Quiz: vocab lines 195-199
Due Tuesday, February
Lines 195- "dividit" in line 197. Analyze to find forms--cases for nouns, form or tense for verbs
Also--those who did not take the vocab quiz today, or were absent today, or wish to retake, the quiz is first thing Tuesday,
Snow Day

Quiz on lines 1-11
Due Wednesday, January 28
Vocab quiz: lines 195-199

Finish reverse translation
Due Monday, January 26
Quiz on lines 1-11. Know translation, know cases of nouns and adjectives, forms/tenses of verbs.
English lines 1-11
Lines 8-10, then 10-11
Due Thursday, Jan. 22
Reverse translation lines 1-3
Vocab work lines 8-11
Start analysis lines 8-10
Due Tuesday, January 20
Prepare lines 8-10 (up to virum)--nouns--know cases, verbs--know form
Lines 3-7
Due Thursday, Jan. 15
Fill out vocab sheet for lines 8-11
Vocab quiz
First lines
Due Tuesday, January 13
Lines 3 and 4, page 3 in Vergil book
for nouns give case
for verbs give tense and meaning
translate section.
Intro new translation process
Due Friday, January 9
Jan 4, 2015
Intro to Vergil
New texts
Due Wednesday, January 7
Do all review questions on hand out, based on pages XVII-XX in the new Vergil text.
Dec. 12
Quiz on purpose and result clauses (open book)
Reading on Aeneas

Dec. 10
Practice purpose and result clauses
Perfect subjunctive quiz
Due Friday, Dec. 12
Quiz on purpose and result clauses
Dec. 8
Quiz on present subjunctive
Level IV: start final pre-Vergil project
Due Wednesday, Dec. 10
Sentences 1-6, page 87 in Purpose and Result packet
Dec. 4
purpose and result clauses
review present and perfect
Due Monday, Dec. 8
Quiz on present subjunctive
#5-11 in packet on purpose and result clauses.
Dec. 2
Independent clauses of the subjunctive
Present and perfect subjunctive
Due Thursday, Dec. 4
#1-5 in packet
Nov. 21
Quiz on imp. and PP subjunctive

Nov. 19
Level III: review imp and PP subjunctive
Start ch. 44
Due Friday, November 21
Level III: Quiz on imperfect and PP subjunctive
Level IV: all of first packet done, and the Practice on page 45 of second packet done.
All work from time with sub due!
Nov. 17
Level IV-led groups to review subjunctive

Nov. 13
Unit test
Intro to subjunctive
Due Monday, November 17
Imp and PP subjunctive practice hand out
Nov. 10
Dinner party cornerstone
Due Nov. 13
Final review for unit test
Nov. 6
Review for Cornerstone on dinner party
Review for unit test
Due Nov. 10
Cornerstone on dinner party
Three sentences from board
Nov 4
Review for unit test (students gone at chorus field trip)
Due Nov. 6
Oct 31
Ghost story
Due Nov. 4
Review work
Oct. 29
Latin III: Quiz indirect statement, chapter 36, Roman calendar
Latin IV: Finish subjunctive review
Latin IV: First five sentences, translation III
Oct. 27
Latin III: Final review of indirect statement (quiz next class)
Latin IV: Purpose and result clauses, indirect question
Due Wednesday, Oct. 29
Level III: Hand out on indirect statement--quiz next class. We will review in class first
Level IV: Translation II, page 103
Oct. 23
Latin III: Work with IS, and translate ch. 34 (sub here)
Latin IV: review subjunctive, translate all of Catullus 5

Oct 21
Dinner Party!!
Oct 17
Level III: perform play, intro to infinitives, prepare for dinner party
Level IV: quiz, practice recitation, Catullus 5
Due Tuesday, Oct. 21
Dinner Party!
Deviled eggs--Norm
Bread--Ms. Casey
Ham--Ms. Casey
Cooked veggies--Sierra
Juice--Norm and Becca
Paper plates--Anna
Silverware--Ms. Casey
Oct. 15
Level III: Finish 34, translate play, intro to comparatives and superlatives
Level IV: review for quiz, prepare recitation for dinner party
Due Friday, Oct 17
Level III: Play and read chapter of Last Girls of Pompeii, reading quiz next class
Level IV: Quiz on IS and Ab Ab
Oct. 10
Level III: Participle quiz
Start Ch. 34
recipes for party?
Level IV: Listen to Catullus podcast
Brainstorm methods of presenting poem at dinner party.
Level III: Lines 13-18 in Ch. 34
Level IV: Questions 9-12 in Translation I, in Infinitive packet.
Oct 8
Level III: practice for participle quiz
Level IV: no class, field trip
Due Friday, Oct. 10
Level III: Participle quiz on Oct. 10 (Friday). Review video
Level IV: None
Oct. 6
Level III: Review participles--more work with participles, plan dinner party
Level IV: Next Catullus poem, review indirect statement.

Oct. 2
Level III: Finish Ch.33, review participles
Level IV: Finish first Catullus poem, finish review of participles
Due Oct. 6
Levels III and IV: Ex. 1 in participle hand out
Level III: Reading on Roman dinner parties
Sept. 30
Level III: Review homework, start ch. 33 translation
Level IV: more participle review and start first Catullus poem
Due Oct 2
Level III: finish translating first para of 33
Level IV: lines 3-7 in Catullus poem
Sept 26
Begin Latin
Level III:participles
Level IV: review ab/ab and indirect statement
Due Tuesday, Sept.30
Level III: Analyze translations of sentences 5, 8 and 9 in ex. 33B
Level IV: ex. II in Ablative Absolute packet, number 1-5
Sept. 24
Verb quiz
presentations on Augustan writer DUE
For Sept. 26: NONE, unless you have not presetned yet
Sept 22
Review for quiz
Finish presentations

HW for Sept. 24:
Verb review quiz--study, quiz next class
Presentations due

Sept 16
Verb review
Augustan era writer's project

HW: Practice One in new verb packet--all five sections.
Sept 12
noun quiz
verb review
Augustan era readin
Practice 2 and 3 in verb packet and Augustus Era reading
Sept 10
Review for noun quiz
study for noun quis
Sept. 8
Name that case
Pairs practice
Prepare for quiz
Quiz on noun cases next class
Sept 4
Start review
Discuss cornerstones
Practice 6, pages 14 and 15
September 2
Intro to Latin III and IV
Fill out purple sheet
Review nom, acc, abl of 1st, 2nd, 3rd declensions