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In Class
Continue with annotation work

Start process of annotation
Due Thursday, June 4
Annotate lines 713-714
Senior celebration
Latin games
Due Tuesday, June 2
Juniors: Lines 709-711, page 75
Finish "Aeneas Leaves Troy"
Watch section of film, Troy, where this happens.

Senior celebration!!

Due Tuesday, June 2
Juniors: Lines 709-711, page 75
"Aeneas Leaves Troy" translation.
Due Friday, May 29
Reading quiz: cornerstone
Due Wednesday, May 27
Here is the link to the English translation of the Aeneid. Read lines: 228-253, 254-297, 588-623, 624-670, 670-704
Finish poem
prepare for reading quiz
Due Friday, May 22
Reading quiz: Serpents from the Sea. This is a CORNERSTONE
Middle section of "serpents"
Due Wednesday May 20
2B: Lines 216-222 in "Serpents from the Sea"
4B: Lines 219-222
translate "Serpents from the Sea"
Due Monday, May 18
lines 212-215
Start/continuing translating Laocoon
Due Thursday May14
2B:translate lines 203-205 on page 47
4B: translate lines 209-212 (stop at period in line 212)
4B-More on scansion
Begin translating Book II
2B--Start scansion, read about Laocoon
Due Tuesday, May12
2B-Scan lines 203 and 205 on page 53 in text
4B--Translate lines 206-208 page 47
Start Book II
Scansion and meter
Due Friday, May 8
4B--Scan lines 203 and 205 on page 53 in text
Finish reading book 1 in English
Start next translation
Due Wednesday, May 6
Read, in English, Book II, Lines 1-180
In class assessment
Grammar: final details
Due Monday May 4
Read, in English, lines 440-585 on this link
Lines 430-440 --translate
Due Thursday, April 30
In class assessment on lines 437-440
Lines 430-440
NONE--have a good vacation
Test corrections
Lines 420-427
Due Thursday, April 16
Lines 427-429 in "Aeneas Looks at Carthage"
Quiz corrections on indirect question quiz due
Quiz: indirect question
Work on "Aeneas Looks at Carthage"

Aeneas looks at Carthage
Due Friday April 10
Indirect question--quiz
Indirect question review
Reading Lines 334-420 in English
Due Wednesday, April 8
Numbers 4-7 in multiple choice section of packet=--know tenses of both verbs in each sentence
Quiz on
"Aeneas Meets his Mother"
4B--indirect question
Due Monday, April 6
#4-8 in packet
Review "Aeneas Meets his Mother"
I4B--Indirect question
Due Thursday, April2
2B--Quiz on "Aeneas Meets his Mother"--Bring textbook and purple sheet
next class, answer 2 of the questions in bottom section of page 30
4B--Quiz on "Aeneas Meets his Mother"--Bring textbook and purple sheet
Ex. numbers 4-8 in Indirect Question packet
Read in English--next section
Start "Aeneas looks at Cartthage"
Due Tuesday, March 31
Lines 325-332
Due Friday, March 27
Period 2B: NONE
Period 4B: match English translation to Latin lines 330-334
Lines 321--324
Review independent subjunctives
Vocab for lines 325-334
Due Wednesday, March 25
Vocab quiz lines 325-327 (to sonat?) translate and give case of all nouns
Vocab quiz
Final blog presentations
Lines 318-321 in class
Due Monday, March 23
Lines 321-324. Translate and give case of each noun, adjective, or participle.
Some will present blogs, others will finish them

Correct Latin on your blog
Due Thursday March 12
Be ready to finish or present your blog
Complete your Latin writing for your blog by the end of class.
Due Tuesday, March 10
Read Ms. Casey's feedback on your blog
Ms. Casey will check blog
Work on blog
research god
start writing Latin.
Due Friday, March 6
Complete your Latin writing for your blog by the end of class on Friday.
start blogs
review sentence types
Due Wednesday, March 4
Read lines 210-317 in Aeneid (In English). Summarize in a few English sentences on your blog
Review subjunctive
start blogs

Review AA and IS
On hand out, create one sentence that uses indirect statement and one that uses ablative absotute.
Go over translation
Aeneas's sail
NONE--Have a good vacation
Translation analysis, 200-204
Start film on Aeneas's journey
Due Wednesday, February 11
Good translation of 206-209--use your hand out--I will collect
Lines 200-203

Verb review: all tenses and voices
Due Monday, February 9
Verb chart, lines 200-203 (you should find seven verbs here)
Late start snow: lines 195-199

Quiz: vocab lines 195-199
First look at lines
Due Tuesday, February 3
Lines 195--"dividit" on line 197. Analyzed--know noun cases and verb tenses/forms.
Also--those who did not take the vocab quiz today, or were absent today, or wish to retake, the quiz is first thing Tuesday,
Snow Day
Due Friday, January 30
Vocab quiz, lines 195-199
Quiz: lines 1-11
English recitation of lines 12-194
Due Wednesday, January 28
Quiz: vocab lines 195-199

Finish reverse translation
Due Monday, January 26
Quiz on lines 1-11. Know translation, know cases of nouns and adjectives, forms/tenses of verbs.
English lines 1-11
Lines 8-10, then 10-11
Due Thursday, January 22
Reverse translation lines 1-3--identify which Latin word translated t
Vocab review
First look lines 8-11
Due Tuesday, January 20
Prepare lines 8-10 (up to virum)--nouns--know cases, verbs--know form
Lines 3-7

Vocab quiz on first Vergil vocab
Due Tuesday, January 13
Lines 3 and 4, page 3 in Vergil book
for nouns give case
for verbs give tense and meaning
translate section.
Introduce new translation process
Look at first two lines
Due Friday, January 9
Vocab list, --study for quiz
January 5, 2015
Introduction to Vergil
Vergil texts
Review questions
Due Wednesday, January 6
Do all review questions on hand out, based on pages XVII-XX in the new Vergil text.
Dec. 16
Quiz on purpose and result clauses(open book)
Level IV: present poems

Dec. 12
Level III: Present challenge sentences to class
Level IV: Finish projects
All: Reading on Aeneas
Due Tuesday, Dec. 16
Quiz on purpose and result clauses
Read hand out on Trojan War
Level IV: go over my edits on your project and make PERFECT for Tuesday.
Dec. 10
Level III: More classical Latin. Practice purpose and result
Latin IV: Work on project
Due Friday, Dec. 12
Level III: challenge sentences due, plus HW from last class
Level IV: Project due
Dec. 8
Level III: Quiz on present subjunctive
Purpose and result clauses
Examples in Latin literature
Level IV: Start project
Due Wednesday, December 10:
Level III: Sentences 6-11 in first exercise in Purpose and Result packet
Dec. 4
Level III: Independent clauses
Level IV: Finish Catullus 13
Due Monday, Dec. 8
Level III: Quiz on present subjunctive, #7-12 in packet
Dec. 2
Latin III: Present and perfect subjunctive
Level IV: Catullus 13
Ex 1-6 in packet
Nov. 21
Level III: quiz on imp and PP subj.
Nov. 19
Level III: Review for imperfect and PP subjunctive quiz
Start Ch. 44
Due Friday, November 21
Level III: Quiz on imperfect and PP subjunctive
Level IV: all of first packet done, and the Practice on page 45 of second packet done.
All work from time with sub due Friday.
Nov. 17
Level IV-led groups to review subjunctive
Nov. 13
Unit test
Intro to subjunctive
Due Monday, November 17
Level IV: Imp and PP subjunctive review hand out
Nov. 10
Cornerstone on dinner party
final review for unit test
Due Thursday, Nov. 13
Unit test
Nov. 6
Review dinner party info for cornerstone
Review for unit test
Level IV: Horace poem
Due Nov. 10
Level III and IV: Cornerstone on dinner party
Nov. 4
Review packet for unit test
Due Nov. 6
First page of review packet
Oct 31
Ghost story
Due Nov. 4
Review work
Oct. 29
Level III: Review then quiz, then Ch. 36
Level IV: More subjunctive review
Both: vocab for Ed cafe or cornerstone practice
Latin IV: First five sentences, translation III
OCt. 27
Level III: Finish IS review
Level IV: Catullus 5, purpose, result clauses and indirect questions
Due Wednesday, Oct. 29
Level III: Hand out on IS--quiz next class. We will review in class first
Level IV: Translation II, page 103
Oct 23
Practice IS --Level III
Review subjunctive--Level IV
sub--complete work for next class

Oct 21
Dinner Party!!
Oct. 17
Level III: Finish 34, translate play and perform, intro to comparatives and superlatives
intro to infinitives, prepare for dinner party

Level IV: quiz, practice recitation, Catullus 5
Due Tuesday, Oct 21--everyone bring a cloth napkin! Bring Roman games if possible.
Dinner Party!!
Fruit salad--Eric
Cheese cubes-Will
Fruit bread--Fiona
Strawberry shortcake--Breanna
Oct. 15
Level III:Comparative and superlative adjectives
Level IV: Review for quiz on IS and Ab Ab
New Catullus poem
Pick poem for recitation
Due Friday Oct. 17
Oct. 10
Participle quiz
Start Ch. 34
recipes for party?
Level IV: Listen to Catullus podcast
Brainstorm methods of presenting poem at dinner party.
Due Wednesday Oct. 15
Level III: Lines 13-18 in Ch. 34
Level IV: Questions 9-12 in Translation I, in Infinitive packet.
Oct. 8
Level III: Review for participle quiz,
Due Oct. 10:
Level III: Quiz on participles (Review video)
Level IV:NONE (No class on the 8th for field trip)
Oct. 6
Level III: Review participles, work with more, plan dinner party
Level IV: Finish participle review, begin next Catullus poem and Indirect Statement review
Due Wednesday, Oct. 8
Level III: In Participle packet, do numbers 1-4 in Translation II, III, and IV. Also, read pages 54-55 in text about dinner parties.
Level IV: None
OCt 2
Level III:: Finish Ch. 33, work with participles
Level IV: Finish first Catullus poem
Due Oct. 6, Monday:
Level III and IV: Participle hand out, ex. 1
Level III: reading on Roman dinner parties
Sept 30
Level III: Review homework
, start ch. 33 translation
Level IV: more participle review and start first Catullus poem
Due October 2:
Level III: Finish first paragraph in CH. 33 translation
Level IV: Lines 3-7 in Catullus poem
Both: Participle practice hand out
Sept 26
Begin Latin
Level III:participles
Level IV: review ab/ab and indirect statement
Due Tuesday, Sept.30
Level III: Analyze translations of sentences 9 and 10 in ex. 33B
Level IV: ex. II in Ablative Absolute packet, number 1-5
Sept 24
Verb quiz
Sept. 22
Finish verb review: quiz next class
Finish presentations on author of Augustan era
Due Sept. 24:
study and prepare materials for verb quiz
presentations due

Sept. 18
Verb work
Project work

HW: Practice two, page 169 in verb review packet.
Sept. 16
Verb work
Project on Augustan era writer
Practice One on new verb packet, all five sections
Sept. 12
Noun quiz
start verb review
Roman literary heroes.
Practice 3 in verb packet and Augustus Era reading
Sept. 10
Finish review of case usage
Augustus discussion
Quiz on nouns next class: be able to identify cases and use correctly.
Sept. 8
Name that case
Pairs practice
Case usage
Augustus reading
In Case Usage Review Packet: Pages 26-27, Practice 9 and 10--do odds, Practice 11--do all.
Sept 4
Start review
Discuss cornerstones
Practice 6, pages 14 and 15
September 2
Intro to Latin III and IV
Fill out purple sheet
Review nom, acc, abl of 1st, 2nd, 3rd declensions

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